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Bree er en spirituel skrifttype der skiller sig ud og er inspireret af håndskrift. Den vil helt sikkert fange dine læseres opmærksomhed i korte afsnit.


Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and Oracle reading have become a great tool for me for using my channeling skills.

I read the energy the cards provide and listen to Spirits purpose with the chosen card.

My online videos are my favorite because here I have a direct line with Spirit and YOUR soul. No interuptions!


Are you heartbroken or confused about your love life? Perhaps you want to know if that perfect person is out there waiting?

Don't worry. I'll help you get a clear answer to any question you might have.

I can tune into your person to connect to his/her wishes and wants. Their actions and the outcome for your relationship. If the persons soul permits it I must add.


Or I can ask about your love life in a more personal reading. Whats coming for you in love?


I like to give you a message from Spirit with advise for your continuing journey.

A lovereading is most precise in one hour readings. Here we can go into depths with both of your energies.

Send me the name of your person(s), max tree in all, and your questions in an e-mail.

An online Lovereading is 128§.


"I truly LOVE your readings. Deck 1 was utterly insightful."

Kit Katt

Personal Reading


In a personal reading you are the star of the show!


I get access to your soul and higher self that provide us with clear answers to your condition right now.

You can ask your own questions or let Spirit do the talking. 


I like to give you a message from Spirit with advise for your continuing journey.

Your reading might also contain a direct channeling, words from deceased lovedones and healing. 

I offer 1 hour readings in a taped video message. A Personal online reading is 128 §.

"I am Shocked by your reading.

You are reading my situation."

Sheker Agamuradovna

Soul healing with hypnotic realise

Soul healing utilizes your souls remembrance to clear and help you understand and realign your soul.

I have direct access to your souls records from were I can elaborate your past lives and bring healing to them while using my hypnotic skills.

This reading is done from a distance and you will recieve written words about the process during your realignment.


This online reading is 128 §.

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