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Introducing Maylenah


Thank you for wanting to know more about me!

The sole purpose for my lifes work is to help you on your  journey

towards YOUR soul heart alignment. 

I want to help each soul to create a balance within their own Divine Masculine and Feminine.

To understand their lifes lessons, heal from them and awaken because of them.

All of my readings contain my abiliy to use both clairscentience and channeling.


My strongest niche is having a very sharp line to the spirit world through channelling. This will give you a higher perspective on your request during a reading.

I have access to read through all my of senses. This provides me with more day to day or  tangible answers. I call this skill Clairsentence and it sums up different ways of obtaining answers using all my godgiven senses, including the sixth sense of intuition.

Very often I am contacted by anscestors and deceased souls during readings. That kind of mediumship is a skill I only use if I feel, that it has a purpose for the reading and if the client accepts it.

I am a very powerful healer and every single session is showered with healing enery.


These tools are my direct line to YOUR souls wishes and potentials.  

If you choose a session with me, you will know, that everything I do, is poured with warmth and loving care, just for YOU.



"She is very thorough and loving in her readings and messages, with a deep understanding for souls, either masculin energy or feminine.

it's with compassion, honesty, humor and modesty given:) Spirituality taken to the earth: bravo!

I resonated immediately with her, was surprised by the wholeness and divine touch, felt empowered and it gives me high energy every time just at the right time, beautifully orchestrated!

A true leader in her own space:)"

Hanneke Gloudemans


Thank you. I love this so much!I look foreward so very much to your YouTube videos. Your energy is so nurturing and I often feel as if you have peeked into my life. 



Her energy is beautiful!! I relate to some of her readings. Very calming spirit she has and very down to earth. Take a look at her videos and decide for yourself. She's a blessing in my life.

Julia Lynne

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