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Visit me in my Spiritual Sanctuary


All of my readings contain my ability to use both clairscentience and channeling.

These tools are my direct line to YOUR souls wishes and potentials. Below I am offering a clarification of the tools I might also be guided by Spirit to use during your reading. 

A reading in my Sanctuary is priced at 999 dkk. 

A Personal session will not be planned

ahead but could include the following:

Clairscentient reading with a Blind drawing

I use all of my six senses to recieve messages from Spirit.  I have done this since childhood.

Through my learned knowledge and clairsentience I interpret a blind drawing of your right or left hand.

That means that you draw the shape of one hand while your eyes are fixed on the other hand without looking, at the paper in front of you.


You won't be able to SEE what you draw, your unconscious takes over. Many funny hands have been made that way!

This will, however, tell me a lot about your current situation and what is needed right now.

Mediumship Readings


Very often during my reading we are blessed by a visit from deceased loved ones.

This could be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, children etc. who have passed to the other side.

They come for a visit to bring you a message or just to say hello.

Mediumship can bring a sense of clarification or relief to you or others close to you.

I do these reading in a very loving and explanatory way and you are protected all the way through.


I channel directly from the divine through verbal canalizing. That means that spirit speaks through me in a verbal sense using my speech or written words.

These are the higher realms that come through with messages that are profoundly deep.

They can come in as angels, Gods, Goddesses, masters or guides, offering you a divine message or advise.

Every channeling provides deep healing and downloads witch connects you to a higher frequency towards your souls alighment.


Spiritual Session with healing & Crystals


In any spiritual session I am provided with clairscentient and channelled messages.

I use specificalty collected crystals, in all my readings.

Every kind of reading provides HEALING in it self. I some cases more than others. Then I will focus soley on channeling a moment or more, of healig guided by Spirit.

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot and Oracle reading have become a great tool for me for using my channeling skills.


I read the energy the cards provide and listen to Spirits purpose with the chosen card.

You can choose the questions or let Spirit do the work.


Soul healing with hypnotic realise


Soul healing utilizes your souls remembrance to clear and help you understand and realign your soul.

I have direct access to your souls records from were I can elaborate your past lives and bring healing to them while using my hypnotic skills.

This reading is done from a distance and you will recieve written words about the process during your heart soul alignment.

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